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  • 2 weeks, 3 days ago
  • My Greatest pleasure is whatever Goddess Zenova’s pleasure is…

    …at any given moment
    …at any given time.

    my love and my lust for Goddess Zenova is immense and pure💖

    Everything happens here because we are here to serve you, Goddess Zenova ✨️ ❤️

    Thank you Goddess 😊
    Thank you for being here to Worship…

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  • i will make time, each week, to Worship our Goddess Zenova ✨️
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  • Hi My Fellow Slaves/Pets The year 2021 Is allmost at it’s END. A Year that have Brought Both Ups and downs,I guess Thats just a part off being Human.But then It’s such a Pleasure to Know Our Goddess Is with us,And when We listen and Absorb Everything She does for us,Everything is so much easier.I Hope To see You All and meet new Ones Who have…Read More
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Goddess Zenova's Worship Group Primary focus: Goddess Zenova's Rabbit Hole series Peace be to all who Enter Cum one, Cum all Come here to sanctify your relationship with Goddess Zenova Sing praise Pray Pay homage Show your adoration Start your day here. Pray intentionally. Write down things you are grateful for. Notice your complaints and turn them into praise. Enjoy Gods creation; worship Goddess Zenova. Worship her eyes Worship her face Worship her lips Worship her huge natural tits Worship her pussy Worship her ass Bring your Slave mat; bring your Doll mat; bring your exercise mat. Love others. Love yourself. Please goddess Zenova by showing a display of your devotion to her. Bring gifts Bring pictures Bring worshiping art Bring your spirit of true submission to Goddess Zenova This is a temple, a worship room, a chamber of Lust for Goddess Zenova.

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