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  • Riddle 3: When You are in a Gararge it is Good to Look In Boxes 3X3 = 6×2= 3×4= so many Numbers Only One is the Number 😉
  • Riddle 2.Look at the Card then Think Roman /Latin Numbers
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  • Riddle 1 Static Mind . Riddle Goddess watch swings Back and ? Or could maybe be a Number or a Date 😌
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  • When You are in Level 1 Dont forget to Go to the Toilet and look in the mirror,and Upstairs lay in the Bed and watch some Televison
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  • Fellow Group Memebers.How about we join Forces ,could be that we could Ask here,if we cant find A Riddle or what video to wacth for a speciel Riddle,or maybe We have found Something Speciel we Thought to Share.?
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