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  • hypslave 551 posted in the group Foot Fetish Fantasies

    1 year, 7 months ago
    I know Its not Goddess Feet but rather her Boots I recall a Live video with some red Boots,I like to think they are the same Boots as in Red room.Goddess Worshipper maked a story,perhaps those are the Boots That all the Dolls are to sniff.Im sure even if Goddess would have walked all day,and have sweathy Feets,It had to be a privilige to smell and lick those feets.
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hypslave 551

Startet Year4 Level 3

Have Been One Off Goddess Zenova's Slaves for 3 Years Now. Startet the 19/9 2019 So Just startet My 4 Year. I Love to find ways To Help Goddess Controlling me


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