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  • Tied and Teased PLAYTHING Fractionation

    I’m in the mood to play….and you know I always get everything I want. Come here to Me and sit down in this comfortable chair. You seem a little nervous, are you afraid of what I might do...

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  • The Trap

    I knew you would be back, you always come back for more and more PLEASURE. I know how excited you get just watching me, gets you so excited and turned on. so I know being right here with me...

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  • Thrilled to be here! I’m so blissed out by the incomparable Goddess Zenova and wondering what has kept me so long from simply admitting that She is The Alpha of my dreams and falling into a mindless puddle at Her feet! im looking forward to learning much more from all of you about how to be the best version of myself because She deserves nothing…Read More
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  • My Greatest pleasure is whatever Goddess Zenova’s pleasure is…

    …at any given moment
    …at any given time.

    my love and my lust for Goddess Zenova is immense and pure💖

    Everything happens here because we are here to serve you, Goddess Zenova ✨️ ❤️

    Thank you Goddess 😊
    Thank you for being here to Worship…

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  • Goddess Zenova wrote a new post

    1 month ago

    Red Lust Goon, Resistance is Futile

    Hello My pet, I'm glad you are back here listening and watching Me. It’s time to be filled with so much LUST for Me, that’s right because red is the color of your LUST for Me and you see...

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About me

hypslave 551

Startet Year4 Level 3

Have Been One Off Goddess Zenova's Slaves for 3 Years Now. Startet the 19/9 2019 So Just startet My 4 Year. I Love to find ways To Help Goddess Controlling me


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