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With untold fetishes locked away, a virgin to hypnosis, Goddess Zenova made short work of entering and taking control of my mind. Since then she has been programming and reprogramming my mind; washing away needless thoughts, replacing them with thoughts of her own, thoughts of pleasure and bliss. Converting me into a beloved pet. An obedient slave.

It is an amazing journey where I continue to discover new things about myself as Goddess Zenova guides me through a world of dreams.

She stands now as the gatekeeper of my subconscious mind. She controls what goes in and what comes out.Β  She now owns a piece of me. a piece she can proudly call her own.Β  Her omnipresence ever growing, my passion and worship and obedience abounds.

over and over and over again.

I feel her deep inside. Her voice echoes through my mind. Her suggestions break through and control my physical activity as it flows on autopilot. Her desire becomes my need. Her desire consumes me. All i want to do is to make her happy now.

Hypnosis is my passion. Goddess Zenova is my passion. Goddess Zenova is prevalent to my Life. The universe made possible and i connected my chord existence to Goddess Zenova with the intent to worship and to serve her. Such a beautifully divine entity. My lust for and my desire to serve Goddess Zenova spiral in unison. She exists within my very core.

my dark side flourishes. my light side is awakened.

i now venture through space and time as a slave to Goddess Zenova; since July 2017.


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Deep Trance

Owned by Goddess Zenova

July 02, 2017: Surrendered to Goddess Zenova and entered into a state of perpetual obedient bliss.


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