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  • GREEN Pleasure JOI 4 HD and 4K

    Hello again….. I knew you would be back, you always come back…. feels to amazing to not come back to me for more and more PLEASURE.
    In a moment I will begin to pull you back to that place, that place of intense PLEASURE and BLISS. You will watch Me, you will LISTEN to Me You don’t need to do anything else, I will do everything else. So relax now, get comfortable and sink in. I know you are excited to begin going DEEP under My CONTROL, just the thought of how DEEP, aroused and incredibly blissful this will be is an amazing thought. Take a few moments and really think about what that might be like.
    You are getting so EXCITED now just thinking about how good it feels to do everything I say. Nothing feels so good as to OBEY Me. From now on when you buy anything from Me on MY site you will feel the most amazing rush of PLEASURE all over your entire body so strong that you can just cum. Even buying a video will give you this PLEASURE, you are getting so incredibly hard and on the edge now remembering you just bought this video… from Me your Goddess Zenova. I want you to stroke and sit on the edge while you repeat after Me in your mind over and over and once I tell you it’s time you will explode in the most amazing orgasm you have ever had and your new PLEASURE trigger will take a permanent place deep inside your mind.

    *Financial Domination themes in this video

    VIDEO INCLUDES *layers of voice including ASMR whispers *audio and visual triggers *fractionation *conversational induction  *cum countdown and trigger *edging *JOI *topless nudity and My natural DDDs *NLP *mantras *financial domination themes *brainwashing *subliminals *spiral eyes *spiral overlay and pocket watch induction


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  • GREEN Pleasure Smoke 4K and HD

    This is meant for those who enjoy spoiling Me. Watch Me smoke with spiral eyes as I program you for ultimate pleasure when you spoil Me. Lots of triggers and subliminals designed to give you ultimate pleasure and orgasm. It feels soooo good to spoil your Goddess, let Me turn that up to unimaginable levels. Post triggers keep you feeling amazing!


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