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  • Mesmerized and Teased Hands Free Orgasm HD and 4K

    This is 3D animation feature voiced by Goddess Zenova.

    It’s time to play and there’s no better place to play than in the digital world where I can be anyone and do anything I want. Right now you are tied to a chair and can’t touch yourself and I want to tease you and keep you on the edge before getting you so excited that you just cum without even needing to touching yourself. For Me to get you so excited that you just cum I’ll need to first take you so incredibly DEEP for Me. Once you are so DEEP I will get you so turned on by jumping into different scenes and characters so you can watch Me as whoever or whatever I want as I fuck, suck and tease you in so many ways. So come on now it’s time to PLAY with Me.

    30 minutes


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  • Sessions- Hands Free Orgasm HD

    This was a live session, no script and I talk directly to you just like a real life session. This session is all about My big natural DDDs. I use My big DDDs to take you so DEEP while also making so excited. You will so much PLEASURE from watching while I guide you to the ultimate orgasm without even needing to touch yourself!

    video includes *subliminals *post suggestions *multi layered sound including brainwave entrainment, light music and ASMR whispers *Topless nudity of My natural DDDs *hands free orgasm


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  • Programmed Spellbound Cock with Hands Free Orgasm HD and 4K

    It’s time for your programming to begin. I know you get so EXCITED just watching Me, well I’m going to use that sexual excitement to take you so DEEP. That’s right but instead of taking control of your mind I’m going to put a spell on your cock. Once your cock is under My control and you are so hard and excited I will program you to be what I desire. Once I have put all the programming in place I will guide you to the ultimate HANDS FREE ORGASM so that all your new programming will take a permeant place so DEEP inside your mind. I will give so many PLEASURE snaps that you will be overloaded with the most intense waves of PLEASURE all over your entire body. You don’t want to miss out on this one!


    video includes *HFO Hands Free Orgasm *Pleasure snaps *Programming *cock control *pocket watch induction *topless nudity of My natural DDDs *post suggestions *multi layered sound including ASMR whispers, Brainwave entrainment and multiple voice tracks


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