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  • Blue Velvet Bliss HD and 4K

    That wonderful blue velvet, so soft and calming such a visual delight. It caresses your mind so soft against your thoughts, pulling you in pulling you close. To that amazing blue velvet so perfectly framing my breasts, pulling your sights to my cleavage. My breasts so soft and inviting of all sorts of visions. Blue velvet soft just like my hair as you run your fingers through while staring deep into my eyes. My deep blue eyes so deep and rich with that velvety blue that you sink right in so deep. Stare so deep now, take a dive in their depths, deeper and deeper. They pull you in as your breathing gets slower and deeper, and you remember that all you really need to do is listen take a deep breath and relax. Relax and drift away on my hypnotic voice. My voice feels like warm soft velvet caressing your body, wrapping all around you deeply relaxing each and every part of you it touches. That blue velvet so soft and warm caressing your thoughts right out of your mind the more and more you watch me.

    You know how amazing it feels to be in My LOVE and BLISS, I will take you so incredibly DEEP with My velvetly voice and fill you up with so much BLISS. Letting you feel the love from my eyes and voice penetrate every layer of your entire being. This will make you feel so addicted to My love and bliss that you will want to watch over and over and over.

    video includes *multi layered sound including brainwave entrainment, multi voice tracks, ASMR whisper voice and light music *topless nudity of My natural DDDs *DEEP induction *post suggestions *subliminals *love addiction *triggers *amnesia *crystal and eye fixation induction


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  • Love Slave 4K and HD

    I know how excited you get just looking at Me, My body, My big natural DDDs and it feels so amazing just staring DEEP into My eyes. Now I’m going to take that to the next level, make it so you can feel My love and bliss so strong that you will be absolutely ADDICTED. First I will take you so DEEP and fracture your mind completely. Once you are DEEP and fractured I will guide you to the most amazing orgasm you have ever had. You will keep stroking for Me until you cum again and again. It will feel so AMAZING you will be filled with My love and bliss to the point of feeling unimaginable PLEASURE! You will be so addicted to My love and bliss you will have no choice but to be My LOVE SLAVE jerking off over and over for Me. Lots of SNAPS for PLEASURE trigger.


    Video includes *multi layered sound including main voice track, ASMR whisper track, light music and brainwave entrainment *audio and visual triggers *pleasure snaps *love addition *subliminals *post suggestions *JOI *mind fuck *multiple cum commands/triggers *fractionation induction *topless nudity of My natural DDDs *eye close ups/ eye fixation


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