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  • Trance Smoke Pleasure Trigger JOI HD and 4K

    Featuring Sully Savage

    I know how excited you get just watching us, it doesn’t even really matter what we are doing you just watch and it feels so amazing, that’s right I know you do. Well now we are going to smoke hookah and you are going to watch us and it’s going to make you feel so so incredible, I know it is. The most AMAZING feeling just watching us, watching the smoke pour out, feels so good. So stare, watch us…. watching that smoke makes you feel so calm and relaxed now. Let our smoke pull you so DEEP and once you are blissfully DEEP I will implant a PLEASURE trigger before waking you and counting you down to the most amazing orgasm you have ever had!

    Video includes *multi layered sound including main and ASMR whisper track by Me Goddess Zenova and a second PLEASURE track by Sully Savage, light music and brainwave entrainment *topless nudity of My DDDs *cum countdown *JOI *subliminals *pleasure trigger *audio and visual effects for extra depth *hookah smoking


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