Obedient Fucktoy HD


Now is the perfect time to empty your mind. Nothing feels better. why think if you donโ€™t have to? why not just be filled with pleasure. You donโ€™t need anything else do you? No, you just need to be filled with the most amazing pleasure you ever had. All you need to do is Let Me DEEP inside your mind and I will fill you up with the most amazing pleasure you could ever imagine. You donโ€™t need to make any effort at all, you just need to follow my voice, let my voice guide to the most wonderful pleasure. Let your mind fade away into that wonderful state of being empty, free of the world, ready to follow each of my commands. I know you are starting to feel so excited already, so turned on just knowing Iโ€™m going to take control. I will control every part of you, I will control your mind and your body. I will control your cock. when I say you are excited and turned on you instantly become turned on. When I say your cock is getting hard it does, I have complete control of your cock. You know how good it feels to have Me controlling your mind and body. feels so good doesnโ€™t it? I know it doesโ€ฆ. makes you want to do everything you can to please me doesnโ€™t it? Well right now I want you to be my fuck toy. Thatโ€™s right, Iโ€™m going to turn you into My personal FUCK TOYโ€ฆ Lots of snaps for your pleasure makes this a clip you just can’t do without.

Product description

(wear headphones for best effect) * JOI * cock control and triggers for orgasm* Custom arousal brainwave entrainment * ASMR whispers *Multi-layers of voice with layers of subliminals *crystal induction with count down *face and eye close-ups *cleavage shots of My DDDs *topless nudity


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