Latex Dreams HD


I know how much you love seeing Me in latex, it feels so amazing just watching Me. I’m going to make you dream about Me in latex, that’s right I’m going to penetrate your mind so DEEP you will dream about Me after. I’m going to take it even further and add My friend Julie Simone also in full latex. There’s no way you can res1st seeing us both in our latex outfits and you will be dreaming about us. Both of our DDDs and our big asses right in front of you. You know you want us in your dreams tonight, worshipping us in our latex, what could possibly be better? Feels so amazing.



video includes- *layers of sound including ASMR whispers, light music, brainwave entrainment and subliminals *topless nudity of our DDDs *ass shots  *count down to cum *full latex outfits *JOI *post suggestions for lucid dreams about us


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