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You know how much it pleases Me when you are productive so I have made this music loop with subliminals from Me your Goddess Zenova to be productive. You mostly just hear music so you can play it in the room while you are doing stuff to help you get a boost from Me to get things done. There is brainwave entrainment that will keep you awake and focused so you can listen anytime you want to be focused and productive. I have included 2 versions, one with more spa/chill music and one with very upbeat/techno music.


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, these two audio tracks are very enjoyable to listen anytime of the day, each for different applications. The first track was very relaxing, reminded me of being at the ocean looking at the gentle waves just rolling in or being on a hiking trail taking in the views. This one you can listen to when just lounging around, relaxing at home or the outdoors etc. The subliminal suggestions I could not detect at all, blending in with the music.
    The second track that is a bit more upbeat you can play when doing chores around the home, going for a walk or anything that requires some physical effort. You can definitely loop these tracks if needed. With this track on two occasions, I did hear what appears to be a hint of your voice but I could not detect its contents. Both are wonderfully done and the subliminal suggestions blended really well with the music. Thank you Goddess Zenova.

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