Programmed in Cyberspace HD


You’ve been dreaming and wishing you could find a real succubus for a long time. Reading everything you could on how to summon one or find one…anything. After months of searching the internet you have found a promising lead, you found a psychic who can connect you to that realm. You are very skeptical but decide the risk is worth it for you to fulfill your deepest fantasy of being with a real succubus. You travel far to see this psychic not knowing what to expect. Now here you are ready to go inside and see what awaits you, already imagining what it will be like when you get to see the succubus already getting so excited and turned on by just the possibility. 
 You make the DESCENT into the succubus realm and meet your succubus where she takes complete CONTROL of your mind and body, making you feel the most amazing PLEASURE you have ever experienced before.



Video includes *topless nudity of my natural DDDs *latex dress *brainwashing *amnesia *audio and visual triggers *post suggestions *pocket watch plus spiral induction *layers of sound including 2 main tracks, ASMR whispers, subliminals, light music and brainwave entrainment for PLEASURE *nipple play and tit bouncing




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