Prototype 333 Ultra HD and 4K



Well, hello, I am pleased. You are here to be upgraded to the latest prototype model. You may be a little confused. You may not remember how you got here or that you had the original prototype programming installed. The way it works most efficiently makes it difficult to remember that you have it at all , but you do and it was your choice to have it installed and it is your choice to be upgraded to the latest ultra version. You are so very excited to be upgraded to the ultra version. You can relax during the process, all you need to do is focus your attention on me and the screens behind me and listen to the sound of my voice and follow along. Nothing else is needed, it will be completely painless, and you will actually feel much pleasure once you have been updated. In order for the upgrade to the ultra version, we need to install some hardware into your brain. You will not feel a thing and we will do it while you are watching me and the screens behind me. You will enjoy the experience. So just relax and stare and listen. all of your focus on me know my words what you are watching.

Video includes *topless nudity of My natural DDDs *no music past intro *multi layered voice *PVC bodysuit *spiral eyes *lots of visual and audio subliminals *programming *robotization *post suggestions *installation of key phase you can give to someone who you want to be your user without knowing it yourself *lots of audio and visual triggers. You NEED this!

51 minutes

contains flashing text


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, a video of this depth and quality needs no description but simply to be experienced, it’s as simple as that. The after-effects when it was over was crazy hot, I was still mesmerized and aroused by your hot outfit, those sexy moves and those curves, wow. Then add your mystical beauty, this was one exceptional experience from beginning to end and thereafter !! This experience will blow you away……..Thank you Goddess Zenova.

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