Red Lust Goon, Resistance is Futile HD and 4K




Hello My pet, I’m glad you are back here listening and watching Me. It’s time to be filled with so much LUST for Me, that’s right because red is the color of your LUST for Me and you see so much red now. I want you to be My mindless red LUST GOON, just endlessly stroking for Me sitting on the edge. Are you ready? Let’s play a little game where you try to resist this, try to resist Me. I know you already know you won’t be able to resist long but it will be extra fun to try. So watch Me now and listen to Me and see if you can resist stroking, see if you can resist My red LUST. I’m going to start by taking you sooo DEEP, you know the feeling you have been DEEP for Me so many times that you can already feel it starting, I’ve just started and you can already feel it as you watch and listen to my voice dropping so DEEP

Video includes *lots of ass shots *topless nudity of My natural DDDs *multi layered voice with ASMR whispers, no music just pure voice *edging *gooning *post suggestions *amnesia *subliminals *spiral induction *triggers *masturbation

36 minutes


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