Seduced into SUBMISSION HD


I know how weak you get while your looking at Me. My big natural tits, cleavage, full lips and staring into My eyes all make you so weak and wanting to do anything I say. Watch Me as I seduce you into submission while listening to Me completely melt your mind by fracturing it. Once you are so weak and your mind has completely fractured you will have no choice but to OBEY My every command. It will feel so good to have Me ruin you and make you My mindless obedient slave only wanting to do everything I say. You can try and resist but if you watch and listen while wearing headphones no matter how hard you resist I will get you to submit and cum for Me in the most amazing orgasm you have ever had!



video includes *topless nudity of My natural DDDs *fractionation induction *audio and visual triggers *post suggestions *snaps *stroke and cum triggers *crystal and spiral induction *brainwashing *subliminals *multi layered sound including 2 main tracks, ASMR whispers, light music and brainwave entrainment


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