The Mind Complex 3- Sealed with a Kiss

I’m so pleased you have come here to be programmed once again to LISTEN to Me, to watch Me
When you listen to Me so very closely you can enter a deeper level of programming.
I can do so many things for you here at the deeper level to make you feel the most amazing pleasure
Wouldn’t you like that? I know you would.
Who wouldn’t? And I’m going to seal your programming with a kiss, in fact I will use my kisses and shiny shiny red lips to take you to the deeper level.

You may not remember how you got here but that is by design. Your programming will work much better this way. I know you are confused but you asked for this, you wanted to be here in fact you begged for this.
Focus your attention on my glossy entrancing red lips, my kisses control you. Each kiss making your mind 10x deeper and emptier than the last. That’s right my kisses control you and make you deep and mindless.
In a moment the deeper programming will begin. You will watch, you will LISTEN. Nothing else is needed of you. I will do everything else. So relax now, get comfortable and sink in. I know you are excited to begin the process of your new programming, just the thought of how Deep, profound, and incredibly powerful this will be is an amazing thought. Take a few moments and really think about what that might be like. About how in a few moments your eyes will be locked on me as your thoughts begin to slip away. As you stare at my glossy shiny shiny red lips your thoughts slip away. Each time i kiss it makes you 10x deeper and mindless than the last taking away your thoughts.
47 minutes of pure programming. A must have for any true pet/slave. You NEED this!

video includes *lots of spirals including my eyes, nails and jewelry *eye fixation *multi layered sound *deep programming *slave training *post suggestions *amnesia *lip close ups and kisses *robot *lots of visual triggers *flashing spiral

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