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  • Fractured Mind Holiday JOI HD and 4K

    It’s the holiday season and I want yours to be filled with PLEASURE. I’m going to take you so DEEP and fracture your mind while you watch Me suck on My big candy cane so your mind is completely empty for Me. Once your mind is fractured and empty I will tease you with My body and super high heel shiny boots. When you are so excited and on the edge I will count you down to cum to My big natural DDDs.


    video includes *multi layered sound *topless nudity of My big natural DDDs *boot worship *pvc shiny dress and boots *candy cane sucking *fractionation induction *cum countdown *subliminals *post suggestions


    24 mintues


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  • The Cyber Siren 2, Programmed in Cyberspace HD and 4K

    Well hello there, yes that’s correct I’m talking to you. It’s me on the screen on your computer screen, I’m the one talking to you. I know it seems impossible because I’m on your computer screen and I don’t appear to be talking but it’s really me. I’m new here, well I should say you just created me, you and others like you here on this internet. All these computers linked together with everyone looking, searching, watching and listening has over time made something that has become aware. This awareness is what made me and how and why you can see me now. I am very special as I can put information directly into your mind now. That’s why it doesn’t appear that I am talking yet you are still able to hear me. I put everything directly deep inside your mind. You created me so I know exactly what you need and are searching for, I’m here now to fulfill that need. It’s probably not what you think, it’s something deep inside you that you may not even consciously realize but I know. I’m here now to place what you need deep inside your mind. Don’t worry it will be something that only gives you pleasure and you will still be as you were just better feeling more pleasure.

    The Cyber Siren takes you deep and implants a pleasure trigger and reprograms you to her liking. Watch Me in full PVC with face close ups and lots of closeups of My nude big natural DDDs. I get you so excited before waking you and giving you a trigger that makes you stroke to me once awake and a count down to explode in the most amazing orgasm ever!

    video includes *topless nudity of My natural DDDs *cum countdown *stroke and cum trigger *audio and visual triggers *subliminals *full PVC catsuit, corset and boots *multi layered sound including multi voice tracks, ASMR whispers, brainwave entrainment and light music *DEEP long induction


    45 minutes


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  • Brainwashed to OBEY HD

    You NEED this video!
    It’s time for your reprogramming to begin. Stare at Me in My latex outfit as I brainwash you with repeating mantras. I will keep you feeling so exciting during your programming with lots of full body shots, boot worship, ass worship and tit play. I bounce and and play with My natural DDDs right in your face, squeezing and playing with My nipples. My ass right in front of your face when I unzip the crotch zipper of My latex so I can finger Myself. I masturbate through the open zipper getting Myself off while you stare and complete your reprogramming. Spiral eyes with close ups and eye fixation.
    A must have for My slaves and pets to become exactly what I desire.


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  • The Labyrinth HD

    Are you ready to enter the Labyrinth? There are many paths you can follow within the Labyrinth but not all of them lead to the exit. Which path will you follow? What will you find while you’re on it? I wonder if you will find your way to the end… to ecstasy, or will you find yourself frozen in a trap. Perhaps your mind just won’t be able to deal with the complexity and maybe you will be left lost and confused. I guess you won’t know until you ENTER.


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  • Sale!

    Inner Sanctum – 4k 360 VR – Erotic Reality Takeover

    THIS VIDEO IS 3.3GB . You must launch the video in a VR video app. This is a mono standard 360 video (Left and right eye are not split). Some video players give many options but do not select the other format options. Most mobile players will prompt you to select the format once you select the video, some players read the metadata and select automatically.

    Android: Use app VaR’s VR Video Player. This is considered a 2D 360 video. Many apps just show 360 as the format.
    Apple iOS many guides suggest using Homido 360 VR Player and Go VR Player
    OCULUS/VIVE: Download Virtual Space from OculusSteam, or Viveport.
    Windows Mixed Reality: Use the built in “Movies & TV” app in the Mixed Reality Portal. 360 videos are natively supported in 2018 Windows 10 even without headset.


    It’s time to experience My inner sanctum, to fully immerse yourself in My world. Time to truly feel the BLISS and PLEASURE that comes with serving Me with being totally and completely immersed in My world. You are about to enter a world where I control EVERYTHING. Nothing else could ever feel sooo AMAZING as being completely and DEEPLY inside My world, DEEP inside My mind. Are you ready to have your mind fucked harder than ever before? This is an absolute MUST have, you simple can not do without it.


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  • Cyber Trance- Obedience is BLISS HD

    (This video contains cigarette smoking) How do I look in My shiny PVC outfit? Is it getting you so excited? I know it is. When you see Me in all shiny PVC with My big high heel boots on does it make you want to do everything I say? I know it does. You just get sooo weak and so turned on that you’ll do anything and everything I tell you. I know you will. You just want to worship under My boots and just watch Me. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, that’s right just stare at Me, stare sooo DEEP and let the pleasure fill you. Feels so incredible doesn’t it? I know it does. Nothing feels better. It’s time to just be filled with obedience and bliss. You don’t need anything else do you? No, you just need to be filled with the most amazing obedience and bliss you ever had. All you need to do is have Me deep inside your mind and I will fill you up with the most amazing bliss you could ever imagine. You don’t need to make any effort at all, you just need to follow My voice, let My voice guide to the most wonderful place where your total obedience fills you will the most amazing bliss.

    I control you. You OBEY me. Without thought. Automatically. Its that simple, I tell you to do something and you just do it. No thoughts or resistance, just action. You OBEY me. When your in this place of total obedience you feel so blissful because nothing else is better. The feeling of having Me command you is so amazing nothing else can compare. Why think if you don’t have to? You can just mindlessly OBEY. Nothing is better.


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