Holiday Submission HD and 4K



It’s the holiday season and My gift to you this year is to make you feel extra submissive to Me. That’s right I’m going to make you feel so amazing to be extra submissive to Me for the entire holiday season. I know you are already submissive to Me but I’m going to make sure you really feel it and enjoy it even more. That thought is already getting you so excited and the more excited you get the feeling of being submissive, being My slave and wanting to OBEY My every word gets stronger and stronger and gets you more excited and they keep going on and on endlessly until you are so ready and willing to do everything I say and it feels like such amazing pleasure more than you have ever felt. I know just watching Me now is already getting those feelings started, especially seeing Me in my sparkling shiny red boots and my red lipstick bringing all those red lust feelings and you are reminded of how amazing it feels to be under My spell once again. Let’s go even deeper now, watch my red crystal while I take you so incredibly DEEP and program you for even further submission and pleasure.


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