Collared and Leashed Holiday Tip/Reward HD and 4K



Buying this video is your holiday gift to Me and as a reward I will put you in My collar and on amy leash and then get myself off right in front of you so you can get so excited and explode in the most amazing orgasm ever knowing how much you have PLEASED Me and feeling what it’s like to be on My leash.

POV I talk directly to you no voiceover


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, I was glad to hear and see that you are pleased and thus rewarding me with a reward that is both sexually exquisite, really hot and very, very delicious. This has to be experienced so my words will be few with this review, but experiencing being collared/w-leash, if only temporary by Goddess is so pleasing and arousing to the max. And during and ending the experience I was devoting all my energy to Goddess, that was awesome. If you want to be blown away in every way then get this, very simple. Thank you Goddess Zenova !!!

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