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The Beginning sleep audio




This is the audio only file that goes with The Rabbit Hole series part 1 the Beginning. This is a different audio than the video, it adds to the effectiveness of the video when you listen at bedtime. Even if you don’t have the video it’s still enjoyable alone. Listen at night before bed to have me DEEP inside your mind, imagine drifting off with my voice softly talking to you. One main voice track with soft voice and one with ASMR whispers no music.


33 minutes

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1 Comment

  1. Goddess Zenova, this audio sleep file which I am very familiar with are like so many of your other audio files you make, they are all excellent. I had to part with (for now 😊) the one I usually go to sleep with β€˜Overdose: Mindlessly Addicted To My Voice’. I like to loop your sleep files a few times when going to sleep for the night. I usually last about half-way through the first loop until I drift off into a deep sleep, waking up refreshed, mildly aroused and tranced, probably due to erotic dreams of you overnight. After laying around in that feeling for a several minutes I am ready to start the day. Thank you Goddess Zenova.