Conversion Chamber HD


You are in a drone brainwashing chamber. You do not remember how you got here. You do not remember how you know that this is a drone brainwashing chamber. You know there is something wrong, but it just feels so RIGHT.
You will be programmed and brainwashed to be a sex drone, wanting only pleasures of the flesh. You will be so DEEPLY programmed and brainwashed while you are listening that you will completely lose your identity. You can see everyone in the chamber in the mirror and you have no idea which body is even yours, you are nothing more than drone flesh wanting sexual pleasures. You don’t even know if you are male or female you are just a sex drone wanting PLEASURE.



video includes- *topless nudity *multi-layered tracks of voice to take you as DEEP as possible *ASMR whispers *gender play *sexual fantasy *slave training *shiny catsuit and corset *thigh high PVC boots *audio and visual triggers *pocket watch induction with spiral


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