Dark Goddess Red Room Goon 3D VR HD and 4K




Hello My pets, I’m so very pleased you have heard your Dark Goddess Zenova’s call, that’s right I’ve been calling for you to come here to Me to play in the red room. To be fully in the red room you need to follow Me down sooo DEEP. Are you ready to follow me down so deep? Listen to the sound of my voice as it guides you. You can feel my voice flowing to you in waves right through your entire body. It is creating a path, a path to follow Me down so deep. So come NOW and feel My words, each and every word I say drips from my mouth into yours like the most amazing magical elixir. Yes feel My words drip into your mouth filling you with the most amazing pleasure and taking you so incredibly DEEP. You can already feel it now, feel your thoughts getting less and less as My words drip into your mouth.

The Dark Goddess takes you into the red room to fill you with intense lust so she can feed off your sexual energy. She teases you in her latex dress with her full ass exposed, Using her crystal spiral sex toy to enchant you even further before using it to get herself off. Tons of ass shots and close ups of her big round ass and natural DDDs all to get you so excited and turn you into her mindless GOON so she can endlessly drain you and visit you in your dreams.


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