The Fix 4K and HD




I know that I’m your drug, your fix because I make you fell better than anything else ever could. That’s right I’m your drug of choice and now I’m going to turn that up, I want My voice to make you feel so incredible no mater what else is going on My voice will make all your stress just fade away and you will just feel amazing. I’m your drug your dopamine fix and I’m going to make it even better and better and better.

video includes *multi layered sound with ASMR whispers *post suggestions *audio and visual triggers *programming *subliminals *topless nudity of My natural DDDs


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, listening to your voice alone is very relaxing but with this video instead of feeling relaxed and infused with say a natural dopamine, kicking back and taking your beauty/voice all in, this was more like getting an IV loaded with testosterone and aching with arousal for you!!! I started out great but once you took out your crystal toy it was all over. It felt like I got injected with a huge dose of testosterone and several times in the video I thought I was going to have an HFO. I even fantasied about being that crystal toy, even for just five minutes and I felt everything you did what that crystal toy. I’m surprised my monitor did not burst into flames after hearing and viewing this. I was arching my back, breathing heavy, moaning, you name it, and it took all I got not to explode!! This was so mischievously hot and crazy good. I did not relax even after it was done, but very energized and I probably could have run a mile, or several. You cease to amaze Goddess Zenova. Lovely smile, and as always thank you Goddess Zenova.

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