Enslav3d HD


How does it feel being down at My feet? I know it makes you feel so amazing. Down on all fours looking up at Me. Waiting and wishing to worship Me anyway you possibly can. You want to be OWNED by Me. I can see it, feel it, your NEED to be ENSLAV3D by Me. Nothing else feels sooooo good as being owned by Me. You’re already here so I already have you, but wouldn’t it feel so amazing to take that even DEEPER to be fully owned and enslav3d by Me? You know it would. I’m going to take you so DEEP to a place where your enslav3ment brings you the ultimate bliss!



this video includes *multilayered sound including multi voice tracks, asmr whispers, brainwave entrainment and light music *post suggestions *subliminal programming * amnesia *PVC catsuit and boots *crystal induction with spiral overlay

wear headphones for greatest effect


  1. Slave Pascal

    i am completly and totally enslaved by you

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