Look who finally made it here. Just in case you were confused about whats going on and where you are… you just entered into the gates of HELL. Welcome home my pet. Judgement is upon you, where you end up next depends on what you do right now while your here in my realm. We are going to travel to the darkest places possible living out your deepest fantasies……and fears. There is NO salvation here. You still think your soul can be saved? I already possess it, I OWN it and I will decide what comes next, you have already been FORSAKEN… you are mine now. Fall my pet, fall into the warm embrace of hell.
The dark succubus Goddess Zenova has pulled you into hell as her newest plaything. The only way back to your body is to give her all your sexual pleasure from now on, she owns you now for she has captured you and there’s no escape. All you can do is surrender to her will.
This video is very intense! With lots of visual effects. If you enjoy dark fantasies is video is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE!



Video includes *JOI *edging *topless nudity *religious themes *succubus fantasy *amnesia *pleasure triggers *post suggestions *crystal induction *audio and visual effects *brainwashing *subliminal messages *multi-layered sound including several voice tracks, ASMR whispers, brainwave entrainment and dark music soundtrack


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