Prototype 333- you are a ROBOT HD


You are in a brainwashing chamber.
you don’t know how you got here.
There is a spiral spinning in front of you, reminding you that you are DEEP now. Many people have gone missing in the past month, you remember a story, about someone being asked to find out what happened.
You are here because you want to be DEEPLY under. Slipping helplessly so DEEP now its such an amazing pleasure, and makes you feel so good.

Sci-fi style Robot programming Fantasy-
You will be turned into a robot. When you hear your “key phase” you will go into robot mode and stay there until your “user” wakes you up. Anyone who tells you this “key phase” will become your user. You want to do everything your user tells you. You are turned on and sexually aroused by your user. You are a sexbot you want to FUCK your user. Just listening to this “programming” with make you feel really good and very sexually aroused

this is not gender specific and will work on anyone including couples, one listens and the other is the “user” or by individuals and I am your “user” either will work or both



video includes- *programming *post suggestions *topless nudity * spiral and visual effects *sound and visual triggers *lots of special visual effects *robotization *amnesia *brainwashing *layers of sound including ASMR whispers, sound effects, brainwave entrainment and subliminals

wear headphones
(this video contains some strobe light effects)


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