Magic Wand Goon HD and 4K



I’m in the mood to have some fun. You already know how much power I have over your mind and body, how My magical mesmerizing voice can take you so incredibly DEEP. I can get so far in your mind that I can make you feel anything and everything I desire and right now I desire to make you My goon. That of course would be so very easy so we are going to have some fun with it. I’m going to have you gooning to My magical crystal wand but here’s the magical part, you will be able to feel everything I’m doing to it! That’s right you can feel everything I do to it on your cock! It’s kinda like a voodoo doll but you feel amazing PLEASURE and it only is your cock ;). You can either let My magic control take over your hand and match what I’m doing or just watch feeling everything I doing to my magical crystal cock wand but you can’t cum, I just want you endlessly on the edge being My mindless goon toy fully under My control. And you already know you need to be DEEP for Me to get the most PLEASURE possible. You can already feel that familiar feeling starting to pour over you as your thoughts are already beginning to drift away.


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