Are you ready to enter My MIND LABYRINTH? Ready to get lost so DEEPLY within My control? It feels so good, you will enjoy being lost to My control. I will take you up and down fracturing your mind while simultaneously brainwashing so DEEPLY you will be forever changed. Where will it lead you? will you find your way to the other side? There is no description that I could give to explain the depths of this video, it’s something you need to experience for yourself.
A must have video and a required video for My slaves or those who wish to be owned by Me



Video includes- *transparent latex dress with latex corset and gloves *thigh high shiny high heel boots *pocket watch induction *visual and audio triggers *subliminal programming *post suggestions *brainwashing *mantras *amnesia *topless nudity of My DDDs *full body and ass shots *multiples layers of sound including brainwave entrainment, music, multiple voice tracks and ASMR whisper track *snaps *fractionation induction


  1. MindfuckedbyGoddessZenova

    Strongest most intense video of all time.

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