Mind Fucked Overdose HD and 4K




You know how amazing if feels just listening to Me, so incredible. So much PLEASURE just hearing My voice vibrate through your entire body. My voice fucks your mind and is your fix and it’s time to OVERDOSE on that amazing PLEASURE that I bring you. Watch Me as I take you so DEEP before listening to multiple layers of My voice including ASMR whisper layers activating all your PLEASURE centers overloading them making you feel so amazing.


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, the expression β€˜a hot knife thru butter” pretty much describes how my mind was the β€˜butter’ and you the β€˜knife’ within a minute into this video, wow !! Your voice, beauty etc. really gets all my cells within me electrified for you, in addition to your sexy beautiful appearance, great smile and your eyes that are mesmerizing to which I, once again, was able to maintained full eye contact with you, enhancing all the feelings. After the countdown I ended up in the abyss again, hearing and seeing everything but still foggy-minded about the specifics, indicating it was again very deep causing β€˜conscience amnesia’, fantastic ! After the video was over, I ended up just staying in the zone, enjoying the moment for about half-hour after. My arousal was still charged but I now only release when I hear you say its ok to by either by your audio or video file(s) that permits release. Thank you Goddess Zenova.

  2. Lombardo2 (verified owner)

    I See the Video and i feel sooo amazing thx goddess zenova

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