The Mind Control Project 2- Implanted HD and 4K




It’s time to implant the chip that will shape your new mind

You may not remember how you got here but that is by design. The implantation will work much better this way. I know you are confused but you asked for this, you wanted to be here in fact you begged for this. In a moment the implantation will begin. You will watch, you will LISTEN. Nothing else is needed of you. I will do everything else. So relax now, get comfortable and sink in. I know you are excited to begin the process of implantation, just the thought of how DEEP, profound, and incredibly powerful this will be is an amazing thought. Take a few moments and really think about what that might be like.

This is the one of the most intense videos I have produced so far. Multiple audio and visual triggers will have you so mindless and feeling amazing. This is the most visually stunning video I have made to date. So many subliminal visuals it will take several times watching to catch them all.Β  This is very REAL and will fuck your mind so hard! Make sure you are ready to feel My full intensity! Do you think you can handle it?


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, this was an amazing video, with deepening layers of trance spread-out while on several occasions your soothing, sexy voice took the programming several times deep right into my core, bypassing my conscience. I love how you do that because I don’t recall the content of what you were saying while in that mindset but enjoyed your visual beauty, visual stimulation, those penetrating eyes and all that ambient lustful RED. The sensations throughout my mind/body were very aroused, especially when you took out the crystal. I noticed that every time you either mention β€˜beams’ or light-beams or I see the crystal etc. my forehead in the center now has a very sensual warmth to it, so erotic. When the file ended this one also had me staying in the moment, enjoy all the different sensations for about an hour. I also experienced this programming to have a more personal, somewhat intimate touch, adding positive thoughts such as resolve, discipline with understanding and clarity with re-affirming, followed-up by lots of pleasure. This was an all mind/body experience with its secrets revealed and to be remembered while viewing only, hence why you will replay this video often. Thank you Goddess Zenova.

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