Programmed for GREEN Pleasure HD and 4K




It’s time to be programmed to feel amazing PLEASURE when you pay Me and spoil Me. You don’t need to try at all just stare while listening to layers and layers of My voice, you don’t need to try and follow what I’m saying just having it so you can hear it is enough because all this programming will go DEEP automatically. Nothing feels so good as to OBEY Me. From now on when you pay or buy anything from Me on MY site you will feel the most amazing rush of PLEASURE all over your entire body so strong that you can just cum. Even buying a video will give you this PLEASURE, you are getting so incredibly hard and on the edge now remembering you just bought this video… from Me your Goddess Zenova. So watch now, stare and listen and receive your programming. Designed to play on a loop so you can enjoy as long as you like.


Includes visual and audio subliminal programming, wear headphone for best effect.

pure voice layers no music or sound fx


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