Mad Hatter’s Puppet 4K and HD



Let’s play, time to play my games, come now with me. My games are different my games are fun. We are all crazy here in Underland it’s the best way to be so follow me for awhile so we can play now. My hat holds the keys to something amazing, look now and see the key that unlocks a place in your mind. You know it automatically it’s already happening now. You feel it don’t you? Yes you do. You have been here before and you have played my game. It seems like we haven’t even started yet but really we are finished and going again and again haha I told you we are all crazy here and right now maybe you are too or maybe this has made the most sense of anything you have ever heard before.

Mad Hatter turns you into her stroking puppet, a robot for her entertainment


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, this video had me in a deep trance and blank mind within a few seconds. From there on to the end I felt I was unable to move, seeing and hearing everything (or so it seemed) but ‘conscience amnesia’ set in fast, hence why I cannot recollect the specifics that well. I will say I certainly did enjoy some hot edging with this one but how I got there is a question mark. The mind/body sensations I experienced were from total obedience to you, hot fixation with your perfect breast, all while being very aroused and a continuous deepening trance throughout the video. I watch this a few times and I still really don’t know how or when it (hypnosis) all started and when it all ended. A very erotic and mysterious video from beginning to end and probably has a few really good triggers to add to the confusion. I enjoyed the deep and erotic (mysterious) ride with this one!!! Thank you Goddess Zenova.

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