Spiral Brain Drain HD and 4K



It’s time for Me to drain your brain of all thoughts so you can mindlessly, endlessly stroke sitting on the edge while your mind melts completely.
Blank Mind, so empty now. The more you watch the more excited you get and the more excited you get the emptier your mind becomes. BLANK mind PLEASURE filled body. Drain your mind right out of your cock, stroke your cock each stroke drains the thoughts right out. Stroke all your thoughts away now but you can’t cum that’s not what this is about just stroke all your thoughts away.


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, you could say this video completes a “trilogy” in conjunction with “Mind Candy” and “Mystic Drain” for all the different elements of erotic surprises, trances and crazy hot pleasures including the various hot, sexy demanding and amazing conclusions. Breathing heavy and panting is included with this one too😊 The pleasures with this one started right away and was like being zapped with a thousand volts of pure pleasure from you and not ending until after you and everything else was really done!! Lovely after-effects that resonated for some time after 😊I will not reveal the specifics and details of this video so as not to be a spoiler and most important must be experienced first-hand, with each individual having various results of course than I did. This is a very hot and flaming 5-star and be assured that every ounce of sexual energy, release and thoughts were all directed to you and for you Goddess Zenova during that experience !! Thank you Goddess Zenova

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