DRAINED by the White Rabbit HD and 4K



Time to follow me down deeper into underland,  If you listen very close you will know. You will know what to do to be filled with pleasure. Listen very close…my words create the path that leads you so deep into Underland.

I knew you would come back you always come back to Underland , even if you don’t consciously remember you have been here with me before and it’s time to remember that familiar feeling of going so deep for me.

Time to stroke for Me, I want you on the edge the entire time we play here in Underland so stroke so hard and fast for Me now. So amazing to stroke and watch and keep following Me deeper and deeper. Now that you are fully down into Underland it’s time to play the drain game haha that’s right time to drain you of all though and drain your body too. The more excited you get the emptier your mind becomes and the emptier your mind the more excited you get. I will have you cum so many times there will be nothing left!


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