The Collection 4K and HD



3D animation voiced by Goddess Zenova.

You are taken on a ship and drained of all your seed through various sexual experiments.

Well, hello it may take a moment before you can see in hear clearly again. I’m sure you are a little bit disorientated that is to be expected when you have been transported with our technology for the first time. You will adjust overtime. You are a board our ship. We have come here to do some experiments. We want to diversify our genetics so we are taking some from your world to mix in with ours. We sent out a telepathic signal, and we only took the ones who subconsciously Agreed. You agreed to be here even if you don’t remember now. You volunteered for this experiment with us. Once we have collected the genetic material we need, we will put you back on your own planet back in your own home exactly where we got you. You won’t even miss very much time. It will only seem like you were gone a few minutes. So no need to worry about anyone missing you, you  will be right back before you know it. We may need your genetic material again in the future, so I will be making some changes to your subconscious to make it much easier for us to contact you and much easier for you to travel in our technology. You will not be able to remember anything that happens now that you are on the ship, because our technology is so far advanced that once you are back on earth, you will not be able to conceive of it, or even imagine it, so you will just not remember any or most of what happens here. Your subconscious mind can absorb the changes you need to make, integrating all of your instructions into the deep foundation of your automatic knowledge. As you step aboard a ship your conscious recording shuts off. We will do several experiments this time, first we will use our special machine for genetic extraction, after that we will conduct some reproductive experiments but don’t worry you will enjoy all of our experiments. You are here for science to help us to help our kind to help our world.


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, this is one of those videos that the more you view it the deeper the trance and the whole experience feels a little more physical with each view. Most interesting was the feeling of multiple mind-organism I was having throughout. And when the video was over, I went into a blissful deep sleep for a short time while still aroused and relaxed. This was awesome, thank you Goddess Zenova.

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