The Mirror HD and 4K



Here I am, Iโ€™m guessing you didnโ€™t think I was real or calling for me in this mirror would actually work but here I am. Iโ€™m the Queen in the land that is behind the mirror. Theirs is an entire world behind this mirror that looks just like yours but darker. Things happen differently on this side and I possess powers you canโ€™t even imagine. You knew the chat to summon me so you must have heard the legends. In your world they think I grant wishes but thatโ€™s not exactly true. I can give you that which you seek but you donโ€™t get to decide. I crawl deep inside your mind and dig out your true desires and that is what I give. The longer you watch and listen to me here the deeper inside I will go and the less you can move or leave. I will put my spell on you and you will serve me your new queen and you will enjoy every moment of it.
Watch my magical spiral now, it is how I crawl so deep into your mind so just stare at it now.

video includes *topless nudity of my natural DDDs *multi layered sound *subliminals *post suggestions *cum trigger *suggestions/trigger to jerk off and cum at a later time *ruined orgasm *tease and denial *freeze


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Dark Queen (Goddess) Zenova, this was a very sensual, erotic and extremely deep-trance experience to which I will not reveal the specific details here in the review so that others can experience this for themselves, and they will be glad they did. I will say once again I was in a very deep trance, feeling a very heavy form of gravity on my entire body, not allowing me to move *my hand) except on different occasions throughout the video, assuming you instructed me since I donโ€™t recall how you did it, but it was pretty intense. I wanted to release so bad at different times. It felt like your sensual energy (aka chakras and/or chi) was exploding out of the screen and into me. I was very aroused and obeyed all your instructions during and after!!! Love the mantra. This was โ€˜unrealโ€™ but so powerful and beautiful at the same time. Thank you Dark Queen (Goddess) Zenova !!

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