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  • Prototype 333 2/22 HD and 4K

    Well hello again, that’s right you’ve been here before even if you don’t remember but I have your file and you have been here before with me. Are you confused? It’s ok if you are, you don’t need to understand what has happened before or what is about to happen right now all you need to do is relax. What you are seeing is in a headset I have put on you so you have something to focus on during your programming. I’m hooking up My machine to your head now, don’t worry it’s completely painless. While I’m doing this you may start to remember a bit of being here before. Even if the memory is not clear you can still remember that wonderful feeling of being so blissfully calm and relaxed. The machine moves through your brain and gently massaging fingers are beginning to smooth out some of the folds and grooves of your frontal lobes now, easily smoothing all of your conscious awareness away. The PLEASURE grows, and your thoughts are gone, and you just give yourself over to the enjoyment, the PLEASURE, the empty headed mindless delight of this experience and it just keeps getting better and better and better and better. Right now. Thinking reminds you that you have no thoughts, and that thought is the cleanest PLEASURE you can imagine. You feel PLEASURE when you have no thoughts, and this will be the thought that feels best. It is a PLEASURE to OBEY without thinking.

    You NEED this video! Get it NOW.

    Sci-fi style Robot programming Fantasy-
    You will be turned into a robot. When you hear your “key phase” you will go into robot mode and stay there until your “user” wakes you up. Anyone who tells you this “key phase” will become your user. You want to do everything your user tells you. You are turned on and sexually aroused by your user. You are a sexbot you want to FUCK your user. Just listening to this “programming” will make you feel really good and very sexually aroused

    this is not gender specific and will work on anyone including couples, one listens and the other is the “user” or by individuals and I am your “user” either will work or both


    50 minutes of pure programming, no mantras nothing is repeated just pure programming from start to finish.


    Video includes- *programming *post suggestions *topless nudity *lots of spirals and visual effects *sound and visual triggers *lots of special visual effects *robotization *amnesia *brainwashing *layers of sound including ASMR whispers, sound effects, brainwave entrainment and subliminals *extremely DEEP induction *spiral eyes

    listen with headphones for best effect


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  • The Darkness Calls 4K and HD

    This ancient forest holds many mysteries and legends of things not of this world. In the middle of this forest is a castle and it is said that underneath in the catacombs there is a door, a gateway to the underworld. Many spirits and demons come through this gateway to inhabit the forest. It is said that in the castle you can hear the succubus calling, calling you to come inside and many who have followed her call have never been seen again, disappeared as soon as they entered the door to the castle catacombs…..

    Come to me, follow my voice, here my call and come to me. Feel me….hear me….come to me….

    synopses- You hear about a forest with strange supernatural activities and decide to go experience it for yourself. Once there you wander away from the tour and you hear voices calling you in the distance and follow them to a castle and go inside. Inside is the succubus and she takes control of your mind. She makes you so hard and turned on so she can “feed” on your sexual energy before putting something DEEP inside your mind so she can visit you in your dreams any time she desires.

    33 minutes wear headphones for greatest effect

    video includes *topless nudity of My Natural DDDs *ass shots *visual and audio effects and triggers *subliminals *multi layered sound track with ASMR whispers *triggers to cum at a later time *suggestions to dream of the succubus *post suggestions *edging


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