The Succubus HD and 4K




Come to Me..Come to Me…I know you can hear me
You think you are just imagining it but I promise I’m really talking to you inside your mind. It’s me right here, I mean I’m the only person here.
I keep calling for you to come to Me and you are finally here in My RED room. You can hear Me? I know you can hear me. I’m inside your mind, that’s why I don’t seem to be talking and yet you can hear Me perfectly. It’s very interesting that you are here in the RED room but have no idea how you got here. How do you suppose you have come into My RED room when you were just somewhere else a moment ago? I know you still think you are imagining this now, in your mind but you really are here. You are wondering now if maybe someone slipped you something? Or Are you just dreaming this place? You can wonder all you like but I don’t think you understand, or maybe you do, either way it doesn’t matter if you understand or not because it IS happening NOW isn’t it? Yes of course. If You are still unsure just kneel down in front of Me and watch Me and you will know that it is in fact really happening. This place is in My mind that I am taking you to is outside of what you call “real” or “reality” so anything is possible. There are no limits to what you can experience with Me only the limits your own mind puts out for you. What things do you want to experience here now with Me in this moment?

The Succubus pulls you into her mind to take you DEEP and drain you of all your sexual energy. She blows aphrodisiac powder in your face to make you so incredibly excited and turned on so you will stroke for her. She implants something DEEP in your mind so she can visit you in your dreams and drain you again and again and again

video includes *multi layered sound *audio and visual fx *post suggestions to dream of the succubus *cum trigger and countdown *topless nudity of My natural DDDs *DEEP confusion conversational induction *subliminals *JOI


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