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It’s time to stare at me, just keep your eyes on mine. Can you do that?  Keeping your eyes on mine even when you’re tempted to look away. Because you’re doing as you’re told. That’s right. You’re already so very willing to do as you’re told, especially for Me. You just naturally slip into that mode, when you are watching, when you are turned on. You always have. I just have that power over you. And that’s going to be really useful for you, because that willingness to do as you’re told will make it very easy for Me to take full control of your mind and body, even when you don’t consciously know what I’m telling you to do. You can just keep that idea in the front of your mind: that whatever it is that I tell you, you’re willing to accept it, to let it affect you in DEEP and important ways, to make it your own idea that it seems like you’ve always believed, even if you don’t remember where you learned it. That’s the right way to listen to everything I tell you, and we can practice that right now.

Video includes *slave training *topless nudity of My natural DDDs *spiral eyes *pure voice with asmr whispers *post suggestions to dream about Me *implanting new trigger word *toy play *eye fixation and close ups


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    Rhoan (verified owner)

    Goddess Zenova, again this is one of those videos that I don’t want to be too specific of the contents because it has to be experienced. I will say that I and other true devotees will have a big smile after this, knowing that their devotion to you will have benefits that will come to fruition!! Your gentle technique, voice and gorgeous, sexy everything combined with trance, what else do you need. Just read the description about the video!! For those who are ready to take it to the next level then here it is. “Yes Goddess Zenova”, and thank you.

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