Trance Trap HD


I guess you’ve probably heard of My powers to MESMERIZE and seduce. You are here to see them for yourself? Come close and look so DEEP into My eyes, feel the power they have over you. It’s time to fall so DEEP under My spell, so DEEP that I will control your entire mind and body. I will tease and seduce you with My big natural DDDs, make you so incredibly turned on that you will be painfully hard as you watch and I take you to the edge and hold you there. How long will I keep you there? How much teasing can you handle? What if you got stuck in that state? Just endlessly on the edge? It would be torture but the most amazing torture ever. I will torture you with amazing pleasure! What could possibly be better? Just frozen in a state of ecstasy unable to finish or move, left staring at My big beautiful DDDs.



video includes *long induction for DEEPEST effect *topless nudity *lots of tit and nipple play *crystal induction *visual and audio triggers *post suggestions *snaps for pleasure *multi layered sound inducing a second mind fractionation induction plus main voice, ASMR whispers, subliminals, light music and brainwave entrainment

There’s no escaping My TRAP!!!


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