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New Year Program Activation

We have just started a brand new year and with that is the time to think about all the things you would like to do this year. To set...
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Watch, listen, drop deeper and deeper into Underland. So deep and drifting deeper and deeper the deeper you stare now. You remember t...
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Pleasure Potion CEI

So you seek answers, have things you want to know about? Maybe the future, maybe other things but you definitely have questions. Why...
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LOCKED- 15 Days in Chastity

You know how amazing it feels when you completely surrender and submit to My control, it feels so incredible. Feels so good to be con...
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Project OBEY

It’s time to feel My DEEP control. An intense ride into OBEDIENCE with tons of visual triggers and subliminal programming and l...
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Dark Goddess JOI

I told you I would be back to visit you, so here I am. I’m here to drain you once again but don’t worry you will enjoy ev...
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Rabbit Hole series 7 Activation

How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go with me? Are you ready to have your mind expanded in new ways? To open your mind t...
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The Deepest Descent

Well, well well, look who finally made it here. In case you were confused about what is going on and where are you are…. you are in t...