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The Mirror

Here I am, I’m guessing you didn’t think I was real or calling for me in this mirror would actually work but here I am. I’m the Queen...
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Xmas Enchantment Trap

HelloI know you can hear meYou think you are just imagining it but I promise I’m really talking to you inside your mind.It’s me right...
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The Trap

I knew you would be back, you always come back for more and more PLEASURE. I know how excited you get just watching me, gets you so e...
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Medusa’s Trance Trap 2019

I know you think you have come to me purely by coincidence, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I led you here, here t...
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Latex Desires Fractionation Trap

I know you love watching Me in latex and now It’s time for Me to FRACTURE your mind while you watch Me in My latex, to fuck your mind...