Level 4
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Program Obedient Goon

It’s time to feel My DEEP control. An intense ride into OBEDIENCE with tons of visual and audio subliminal programming and laye...
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New Year Program Activation

We have just started a brand new year and with that is the time to think about all the things you would like to do this year. To set...
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MindJacked Holiday

It’s time to feel My DEEP control.  I MIND FUCK you into obedience and fill you with submissive PLEASURE. I hijack your mind an...
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Submissive Dream

You know how amazing it feels to do everything I say, to obey Me, to be so submissive to Me, your Goddess Zenova. And now I’m going t...
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LOCKED- 15 Days in Chastity

You know how amazing it feels when you completely surrender and submit to My control, it feels so incredible. Feels so good to be con...
  Level 4
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The Fix

I know that I’m your drug, your fix because I make you fell better than anything else ever could. That’s right I’m...
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Rabbit Hole series 7 Activation

How far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go with me? Are you ready to have your mind expanded in new ways? To open your mind t...
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You are on a walk in the forest and happen upon an old church and you find yourself strongly compelled to go inside. When you get ins...