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  • Empty Obedient Love Slave HD and 4K

    It’s almost Valentine’s Day and I know you want to be my valentine. So I’m going to turn you into my empty and obedient love slave, doing everything I say because nothing can give you so much pleasure as doing everything I say. I know you want and crave to be my love slave. So watch me know, stare deep into my eyes. When you stare into them your mind just goes so completely blank,  the more you stare into them it’s like they are sucking away your thoughts, sucking them right out of your mind now. Feels so amazing to be mindless for me, I know it does. Just keep watching them and feeling your thoughts being sucked out.

     I take you so very DEEP making you feel so empty and obedient before turning you into love slave. I will get so so excited and on the edge during your programming and mantras but you won’t cum until you see a certain trigger 😉


    video includes *multi layered sound *topless nudity of My natural DDDs *post suggestions *subliminals *visual effects and triggers *triggers/suggestions to jerk off and cum at a later time *mantras *edging *cum trigger at the end

    36 minutes


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  • Addicted to My Tits JOI HD and 4K

    Feels so good to stare at My big natural DDDs doesn’t it? I know it does. Nothing feels better. It’s time to make that feeling grow into total addiction, mindless, empty addiction filling you with the most amazing pleasure. Why think if you don’t have to? Why not just be filled with pleasure. You don’t need anything else do you? no you just need to be filled with the most amazing pleasure you ever had. Sound to good to be true? Wondering how that is even possible? Don’t worry about any of that. All you need to do is Let me deep inside your mind and I will fill you up with the most amazing pleasure you could ever imagine. You don’t need to make any effort at all you just need to do is follow my voice, let my voice guide to the most wonderful pleasure. Prepare to be completely addicted to My DDDs.

    Better make sure your somewhere comfortable to watch because you will cum so hard you’ll be out for awhile after.


    clip includes *layers of sound including brainwave entrainment for increased pleasure, ASMR whispers and subliminal messages *lots of topless nudity of My amazing natural DDDs *pleasure snaps  * eye fixation *tit play

    (wear headphones for most effect)

    23 minutes

    this is a remix of other videos already on the store


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