The Bimbo Invasion HD and 4K



Well hello, I’m sure you are wondering where you are and how you got here. You are on our ship in our reprogramming chamber. We have come here to convert those here on your planet to bimbos just like us. That’s right we are an alien race of bimbos and we convert everyone who we know needs to be converted. We scan the minds on a planet and find those who deep down really want to be a bimbo like us. You may not even be consciously aware that is what you want but our brain scanners are very advanced and never wrong so we know you want to be like us. You will be a bimbo very soon and you will submit to us, that’s right we will turn you into a submissive bimbo doing whatever we want and you will love every moment of it. The more you try to resist any part of your reprogramming the more turned on and excited you will get and the more excited you get the more you will automatically become a bimbo so either follow the programming or don’t but you will still end up a submissive bimbo there’s no escaping that now.

This was a custom video and intended for those who have interest in bimbofication, feminization, sissification


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