The Mind Complex 4K and HD

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Hello…. I’m sure you are wondering how you got here and what is happening. That is of no concern, I promise you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You will not remember how or why you are here, now. I promise this is what YOU wanted. You volunteered willingly and were excited at the idea. Isn’t it strange you can hear Me directly in your mind now? I am inside your mind and your PROGRAMMING has already began. I am reprogramming you to be the perfect slave for Me, your Goddess Zenova. You wanted to be OWNED by Me so you agreed to do what it takes to be mine. You MUST complete this programming to fully be mine.

First I take you extremely DEEP, once there I will guide you through the control center of your mind. I will guide you through all the necessary installations of your PLEASURE triggers. These triggers will will hardwire in so you will feel the most amazing PLEASURE when you serve Me, your Goddess Zenova. Once the triggers are installed I will help you forget the process, then we will go through your new mantras in service to Me.

This is an extremely strong file and will take you to new depths. It installs triggers so very DEEP so that all My other videos will work at a new level giving you more PLEASURE than ever before. It’s installs triggers for PLEASURE, OBEDIENCE and ROBOT MODE. This is one video you don’t want to miss! one full hour of programming.

This is required for those who wish to be My slave/pet
wear headphones while watching.

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