Assnosis HD


How does it make you feel when you are looking at My big round ASS? Does it make you feel excited? I know it does, it makes you feel so excited. Feels so amazing just watching Me, looking at every part of Me. It makes you so excited I bet you would do pretty much anything I say. You’re so busy staring at My ass you would even notice when I take control. So just keep on staring, letting that excitement build and build as I guide you to the ultimate orgasm but first I will keep you painfully on the edge as long as possible. The most amazing torture, sitting on the edge of just exploding while you stare at My big round ass.



Clip includes spiral over My ass induction, *count down *amnesia *deepeners *lots of shoots of My ass, legs and leather boots *layers of sound including ASMR whispers, light music and brainwave entrainment all designed to increase your pleasure *subliminals *no count up at the end so you can stay in that bliss state as long as you likeΒ 


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