BLISS Mind Invasion 2 HD


A race of alien women has taken over the planet. Their leader the Goddess Zenova is now sending out mind waves, they are going directly into your mind. You can hear her voice and see her image in your mind now. She puts your mind at ease and empties it completely so she can fill you up with BLISS.
I am the Goddess Zenova, I have come to your planet to give you a very special gift. It is the gift of ultimate BLISS. I know some of you are afraid and unsure but we are only here to give you the gift of PLEASURE, to clear your minds of everything else so you are left with only the feeling of our BLISS



video includes- *multi-layered sound including 2 main tracks, ASMR whispers, subliminals, light music and brainwave entrainment *post suggestions *audio and visual triggers *amnesia *programming *brainwashing *intense feelings of euphoria and bliss *crystal and spiral induction *topless nudity of My DDDs


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