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We have just started a brand new year and with that is the time to think about all the things you would like to do this year. To set goals and plan the things you are really excited about doing. One of those things or goals you should be thinking about is how to feel even more pleasure by taking your service and surrender to me to the next level. I know you have already surrendered to me but there is always further and deeper to go with me. You can surrender further by making it a priority to really be your best version this year, whatever that may look like for you personally. Take a moment to really think about that. What ways do you need to improve? Maybe your health and fitness could use some improvement, or maybe at work you could try and get that promotion. What about your mindset? Are you feeling happy and in a good mood most of the time? Are you getting along with those around you? If not maybe working on a more positive mindset and outlook on life is where you need to focus your attention. Only you know where you need to focus on to really be your best version so really take a good long look at yourself and your life and make a list and set goals so this year can be your absolute best! You can also think about what goals or thing you would like to achieve as my pet, my slave so that you can feel all the incredible pleasure that comes with that. For right now I want you to go so very deep and feel my programming for what I your goddess Zenova wants of you in this new year.

a MUST have for anyone who truely wants to be My pet/slave, you NEED it!

video includes *spiral eyes *topless nudity of My big natural DDDs *toy play *eye fixation and close ups *programming *mantras *post suggestions *slave task


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